The Bad Mom award went to me yesterday...A few days I have noticed a bad smell that's been coming from Ingrid. I gave her a bath last night,  and it went away, but it came back again. She took a nap in the afternoon, and I had to wake her up because it was getting kind of late. I uncovered her, and she was laying all stretched out on her back still sleeping. I looked at her throat. She has lots of folds there. I could actually see that she has a pretty little neck!
Any way, I pulled on all her folds, and there I saw it. One fold was full of old milk. I touched it, and the smell was awful! :( How could I have missed that? I went to start a bath for her, and then I undressed her and put her in the little tub. I wet my hand and started washing her throat when she started to scream! I washed her some more, and she screamed like crazy. I finished, and picked her up and took her to the bedroom and laid her on my bed. I took a look at her neck and it was so red! I can't believe I missed that! Poor thing. I found a cream for things like that, and put it on there. I hope it will help. I will never forget to look there again!

My precious little Ingrid!

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#1: Dagens Eko

Den utmärkelsen får vi mammor, minst en gång per barns uppväxt. Man är inte mer än mänsklig och gör fel/missar, det som efteråt verkar så naturligt att inte göra fel/missa.


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