Tired today.

Every night before I put Amelia to bed, we talk about what we are going to do the following day. I think it helps her sleep better, so she has something to think about and look forward to. Well, last night before dinner I had gone to the store to get some candy, and I found some cute nail polish for sale (only 69 cents!) that I had to buy for her. I also bought her a big lollipop.
So when I tucked her in I told her "I have a surprise for you, but you'll get it tomorrow". Her face lit up and she said
"a surprise?" and laid down and said "good night mamma". Well, at 5.45 this morning I hear a little voice from her room "maammaaa". I went to get her and she asked "can I have my surprise now?".  I wont be doing that any more. :D
So, I am a tired one today. We all went to story time at the library at 11. My friend Heike was there with her little boy. There were also a mom there with her TRIPLET boys! I couldn't stop saying "omg triplets". They were so cute though! Dressed exactly alike too.
After story time we took a trip to  World market. I had gotten a $10 coupon in the mail for my birthday and it expires tomorrow. I got lots of cookies and candy for that. :D
Well, I am off to do something productive now. Like taking pictures of some things I am selling on Craigslist.
Talk to you later!

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