The Bad Mom award went to me yesterday...A few days I have noticed a bad smell that's been coming from Ingrid. I gave her a bath last night,  and it went away, but it came back again. She took a nap in the afternoon, and I had to wake her up because it was getting kind of late. I uncovered her, and she was laying all stretched out on her back still sleeping. I looked at her throat. She has lots of folds there. I could actually see that she has a pretty little neck!
Any way, I pulled on all her folds, and there I saw it. One fold was full of old milk. I touched it, and the smell was awful! :( How could I have missed that? I went to start a bath for her, and then I undressed her and put her in the little tub. I wet my hand and started washing her throat when she started to scream! I washed her some more, and she screamed like crazy. I finished, and picked her up and took her to the bedroom and laid her on my bed. I took a look at her neck and it was so red! I can't believe I missed that! Poor thing. I found a cream for things like that, and put it on there. I hope it will help. I will never forget to look there again!

My precious little Ingrid!

Swedens National Day!

Go Sweden! I miss you!

Finally Friday.

All week I have been a day ahead. I thought it was Friday yesterday. Very disappointed when it wasn't. Isn't that annoying when that happens? :D
Well, it is finally Friday (still Thursday here), and the weekend is almost here. What are the plans for this weekend? Well, swimming with Amelia, lunch with a friend, some house work....It is my weekend to mow the lawn (boo).
Oh, forgot to mention that yesterday a friend brought several bags of clothing for Axel, and some for Amelia. The clothes for Axel are all bigger sizes (2T). He is going to be so stylish that little boy! Amelia got a few jackets, not sure if they will fit her this winter. If they don't, Ingrid will get them.
My friend also gave me lots of new toys for Amelia. There were so many, that I put them away. I am thinking about saving them for Christmas. She already has so many toys, and it is a bit cramped here....you get the point. She also thinks its her birthday everyday. Seriously. She still talks about her birthday when she got to blow out the candles on her cake. :)

Well, I got to stop now. I am very tired and it is getting late. Talk to you tomorrow!
My sweet little girl!