Tired today.

Every night before I put Amelia to bed, we talk about what we are going to do the following day. I think it helps her sleep better, so she has something to think about and look forward to. Well, last night before dinner I had gone to the store to get some candy, and I found some cute nail polish for sale (only 69 cents!) that I had to buy for her. I also bought her a big lollipop.
So when I tucked her in I told her "I have a surprise for you, but you'll get it tomorrow". Her face lit up and she said
"a surprise?" and laid down and said "good night mamma". Well, at 5.45 this morning I hear a little voice from her room "maammaaa". I went to get her and she asked "can I have my surprise now?".  I wont be doing that any more. :D
So, I am a tired one today. We all went to story time at the library at 11. My friend Heike was there with her little boy. There were also a mom there with her TRIPLET boys! I couldn't stop saying "omg triplets". They were so cute though! Dressed exactly alike too.
After story time we took a trip to  World market. I had gotten a $10 coupon in the mail for my birthday and it expires tomorrow. I got lots of cookies and candy for that. :D
Well, I am off to do something productive now. Like taking pictures of some things I am selling on Craigslist.
Talk to you later!

Min fine lille kille.

Här ligger han och myser i parken. :)

To be a kid again...

How easy life would be...no worries, just fun. That is the life I want to create for her and the twinkies. Here is Amelia jumping in a puddle. Picture taken yesterday. We went out looking for puddles to jump in, and we found ONE! It dried up real fast after the rain we had, so we were happy to find this lone puddle.

Sweet child of mine!