Thanksgiving is over.

Gosh. I wrote about my weightloss success in the previous post, and today I am writing the opposite. Ugh. Thanksgiving was yesterday, and with it came all the delicious food. It is really not my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy a good meal. I made the most delicious mashed potatoes. Tried a new recipe. French mashed potatoes. With lots and lots of butter, and goat cheese and chives in it. Oh my goodness! Dr Fuhrman would not approve of that. And pumpkin pie, and the yummy pumpkin bread that Amelia and I baked....the list goes on and on....
Today it feels like I gained 10 lbs. It could be that I got my period too of course. (TMI). I am writing a list for the grocery store right now while looking in Fuhrmans cookbook. I have to eat healthy from now on! I was doing so good!
So today its friday, Black Friday, I have heard that this American phenomenon has spread to Europe, and Sweden now. Crazy, I have been out shopping in the past, but I will definitely not go out today. Not with three kids. No way. Insane. I am going to the grocery store though. Hoping that people still have lots of food at home, so they dont need to go there. Wish me luck! :D
This weekend we are going to decorate for Christmas! Exciting! Advent 1st is on Sunday, so I need to be prepped for that. We are not getting a tree this weekend though, we are getting it next weekend instead. Amelia is super excited to get it. She saw that the neighbors already has decorated their front porch, so I told her we are doing it too.

Well, going to write one more post, and finish my list.
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Apple Hill.

I söndags var vi i Apple Hill, Kalifornien. Där har vi inte varit sen innan vi fick barn, alltså 4-5 år sen nu. vi åkte alltid dit på vår bröllopsdagen förut. 
Vädret var helt underbart och det var mycket folk. Vi åkte till våra vanliga ställen, åt lite lunch och tog lite bilder. Ett nytt ställe där vi stamnade var Pine O' Mine. En äppelgård där vi kunde plocka äpplen själv. Det var en höjdare tyckte Amelia. Åh vad roligt hon hade! Där tog vi även en massa fina bilder! 

Vi hade en jättebra dag, men vi måste ju säga att det var mkt lättare att åka dit utan barn. Man kunde stanna varsomhelst, kliva ur bilen och bara gå. Nu tog det typ en kvart att komma ur bilen. Lasta ur barnen, oj byta en eller två blöjor, in i vagnen, osv innan man kom i väg. :) 

Men trevligt var det! 

Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday is here! We are taking Amelia trick or treating at the Automobile museum. It's nice to be able to do it indoors. Its supposed to snow here. 

We've carved five pumpkins this week. They all turned out so good! Amelia did two of her own. 

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