So I decided to get a job. I applied for a dealing job about three weeks ago, and last friday they  called me and asked if I could come in for an interview. Of course I could! So last Saturday I showed up at the casino (not the same one I used to work at), in a white shirt, black skirt, pantyhose, and high heels. I wore make-up (more than usual), and my hair looked fabulous.
I talked to an assistant director for awhile. He asked me lots of questions about my dealing past. Then I actually had to go and deal! For the first time in almost four years! It was like I had never been away from there. It all came back. I had been practicing a little bit at home just in case. After that we went and sat down, and he offered me the job! It is parttime, swing shift. I told him I like to work two days a week and holidays.

I am actually very excited about this! I feel like I am getting some me-time even though I will be working. To get out and get some adult conversation.
Why am I doing this even though I have a "job" already? Easy. To help out with the finances. We want to pay off the van fast. Having a car payment again after years of not having one is kind of painful. If possible, we'd like to pay it off within a year. We also like to pay some other bills too. Dealing is easy and fast money. I am glad that I can help the family out by doing it.
The plan is for me to work a couple of years. I definitely don't want to do it forever. I don't want to miss out on holidays when they get older. I feel ok doing it now when they are little, because they won't remember it later on. that is the big news! Not sure when I am going to start yet. I am waiting to hear back from human resources. I have to apply for a police card, take a drug test, and sign papers. Oh, I go on an orientation at my new work place!

You may also wonder why I didn't apply back at my old job. They aren't hiring any dealers right now, and even if they did, I wouldn't want to go back there. I feel like it's a bit of a challenge to start somewhere new. To see and learn new things. It would be very easy to go back to my old place.
Have a great day!

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